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here are my specs » AMD Phenom II X4 940 Deneb 3.0GHz blk edt oced to 3.9 ghz at a 1.55vc » Motherboard » MSI K9N2 SLI PLATINUM » Memory » G.SKILL 4GB 6400 oced to 1000 mhz at 4-4-4-12 » Hard drive » 2x WD 300g raptors in raid 0 » Graphics card » 2x XFX 9800 GT in sli» CPU Cooler » swifttech apex ultama » GPU Cooler » Ultra performance gpu cooler » PSU » Ultra 1000w psu » » Case » Antec 900
here is my problem i use riva tunner and evga tuner and eather one if i overclock bolt to the same stock there 600/1500/1800
with one card i can overclock it to 760/1850/2114 no problem runs everything i throw at it now one card my main card hase a aftermarket cooler after stressing it for 12 houers never gose over 60C the outher one is stock well n e way even if i set it to 610/1525/900 it freezes and i get a black screen iv tryed it on vista and windows 7 dose the same thing i can not overclock these cards wile in sli dose n e one know why i need some help if u know please help me
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  1. Dont know about the SLI set up (maybe you just have a quirky card that doesn't like to be OCd) but my question is, did you get that CPU to 3.9 Ghz on stock cooling? Did you just increase the multiplier? What seetings did you use to get that? I love this 940 CPU, but I am thining about finally OCing it.
  2. i have a custome wate loop im using water bro not stock im at a 18.5x fsb at 211 and voltage at 1.625 some chips run underless voltage on air i would shoot for 3.7 ghz just bump up the multaplyer leave your ht at 1800 if u go i higher u will get more heat out of it
  3. This is an easy fix. The blackscreen on SLI when loading post 178 drivers is caused by you having different bios revisions on your individual cards. Go to your manufacturer and request the latest bios revision for your specific card.

    Create a dos boot flash drive, and get NVFLASH. Once you have nvflash on the boot disk, boot into dos and run it. It will allow you to update the bios on each card individually. Boost the pcie voltage to 1.55 for dual and 1.6 for tri sli and you'll be golden.
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