Buying new computer tomorrow, need some help urgently

Hey guys!

Well, finally got some money and gonna upgrade my old system. Nowadays i have a AMD x24400, 2 Gb of value ram and a 7900 gtx running on windows XP. Im not from the USA, but im here right now, so id like to use the chance to upgrade my computer for the next 1-2 years. I have about US$ 1.5k to spend, give or take 100 bucks.

I'll keep the case (a TT Kandalf), my hds, drives and so on. Id like to buy a new Mobo, Processor, Ram and Video Card. Im pretty convinced i want the 9450 Quad-Core as a processor. And was thinking about a x 280 GX card. whats really killing me are the MObos and Ram.

I've always liked Nvidia chipsets, and before i came here i was pretty decided to get a 780i or 790i ultra. But ive been reading a lot of reviews and many people say they have trouble with booting up and running stable systems on those. I dont plan on using SLI, so i was thinking maybe a x38 or x48 could be an option? (I know they are Xfire mobos, but since im not going to SLI i could get away with one, right ? then just upgrade to the next best Video card when i want to upgrade. What would u guys say about that? stability wise.

DDR3 vs DDR2 , i know ddr3 is expensive and not much better, but i can pay for it, and wouldnt that leave me some room to upgrade when we have better ddr3 modules later on? instead of getting stuck to ddr2 and then having to buy mobo + ram in the future? So i was thinking about 4gb of Ddr3 ram, maybe ocz or something like that. Any VERY good reason that could make me change my mind and getting a ddr2 mobo with 8gb of top quality ram?

And finally need a good power suply, i have a 500w one, but would like to get a very good one in this trip since those are really hard to find where i come from.

Thanks all, hope i can get some answers, thanks for the patience.
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  1. Enermax inifity 720 watt power supply
    9450 yorkfield
    Asus p5E3 deluxe
    Dual 4850's in crossfire

    Crossfire will give you better performance with those two card then with a single gtx 280. Two 4870's will be even better if you can afford it.
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