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I did a little reading on this weeks ago but the only thing I got was that it was around 2gb maximum volume size....

So, I hit it !!! I was all excited about my new Dell Precision system I'm setting up for a project @ work and I bought 4 750gb WD Raid Edition hard drives for it. I put all 4 into a single raid 5 volume, and what do you know... Windows setup sees it, but has the message "setup cannot access disk"

Is this limit different w\ a 64 bit OS?

For this system, I guess I'm just going to keep the left over hard drive as a cool spare if it won't let me assign it as a hot spare in the perc setup.
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  1. I've never heard of a 2 GB limit; maybe you meant 2 TB?

    If you created a 4-disk RAID5 array and then Windows could not access the hard disk, maybe you forgot to install the RAID drivers. No Windows version knows how to access a RAID array by itself - it need drivers. All Windows Install procedures are prepared for this. Early in the Install process you will see a screen that asks whether you want to install additional drivers, and requests that you push "F6" if you do. If you don't notice this and fail to push the button, it will wait a little while and then proceed as if nothing needed to be done, then fail to find a usable disk!

    When the F6 prompt comes up, push that button, and Windows will ask you to provide the required drivers and install them. Once that is done, this Installation of Windows will make those drivers a permanent part of itself and always know how to use your array to boot and run from. It will then be able to continue to Install Windows.

    If you are installing Win XP, the drivers needed will HAVE to be on a floppy drive. For VISTA, however, I believe it can install drivers from an optical drive. The drivers in question are on the CD(s) that come with your system. Those CD's may also include a utility to make the Driver Install floppy disk for Win XP if you need it. I fully expect that the exact details of these procedures are covered in either or both of the manuals for your system / motherboard, and the RAID system itself. Often the RAID-specific manual is not printed, but included as a document on the CD's that came with your system. If not, check your system manufacturer's website for a downloadable version of this manual.
  2. It's a dell precision and the dell xp3 disk I was using has drivers for the Perc raid card on it, i also had a floppy.

    When I re did the raid array w\ only 3 750gb disks, it worked fine and windows installed perfectly.

    I got a utility from dell and was also able to set the 4th disk as a global hot spare so, i have plenty of room + good redundancy now.
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