SSD with HDD for page file.

Am looking into getting an ssd for my vista boot drive. As i dont like Win7 im gonna stick with vista and since vista apperentl wont get TRIM support im getting an 80Gb intel.

My question is currently i have 4 HDD. A 74Gb rapto as my OS boot. 2, 320Gb (16mb cache) seagate and a 500Gb WD Cavier Black. I removed the page file from the os boot drive and put a 6144Mb (both together is 3x my ram) pagefile on 1 of my 320Gb drives and the black drive for 12GB pagefile.

If i get the SSD is it worth doing this still?
Will it Prolong the life of the SSD as i have had my Raptor a few years and its still going nicely?

And any advice would be swell.

Thanks a bunch
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  1. Prolonging the life of your Raptor may be a benefit of putting the pagefile somewhere else, I guess. I always have preferred to do this so that access to the pagefile is not slowed down by waiting for other frequent operations on the boot drive.

    If you were to switch to a SSD as your boot drive instead of the Raptor, I'd still consider keeping your pagefile somewhere else, partly for my reason of waiting for access. But also, check into the SSD spec's for the number of re-writes that sort of drive will withstand. A pagefile gets much higher reads, writes and re-writes in its storage area than most drive surfaces, so you'd be re-writing to the same SSD range a lot.
  2. So would a good bet be if i do get the SSD and throw the page file onto the raptor instead of the other slower HDD's?
  3. I'm not sure if that would be a possible bottleneck, as you're always transferring to the raptor before reading it again. I'm not really sure if it'd be better if you kept the Raptor as the OS drive, then use the SSD to contain only applications. People with SSD's could probably give a better answer.
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