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Hi, I have a 4x1GB crucial ballistix tracert DDR2 1066MHz...somebody know how much can overclok this RAM?...i try but i not sure that's works...i put to 1204MHz..but i not sure if this overcloking process was correct or not. I do in the BIOS and put to 1204...that's correct?

Please help me....

Sorry for my english, but I am not native lenguage is spanish...thx
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  1. I have a replacement plan on all my parts with my local computer shop... one of the last times I took my system in they swapped out my ram because of all the trouble they had with that type of RAM causing system instabilities...

    Mileage may vary but that shop replaces any crucial ballistix RAM with another vendor's RAM whenever they see it... My system has been stable since that last swap *shrug*
  2. Hmm, I have been happy with my 4 gigs for over 2 years now, no problems, although I don't oc the RAM.

    Best bet is to follow the oc guide here on Toms and if and when you get errors, back off.
  3. 3 out of the 4 sticks that were in my rig have gone bad in the past 2 weeks ( 2 years old ) not happy with Tracers at all right now.
  4. im sure its crucials fault, all in all with them having micron chips behind their backs, arguably the best memory manufacturer, i have a feeling some ppl just dont know how to oc properly. I have owned ballistix tracers, patriot viper series and kingston hyper x mem and the crucial stuff is far and away the best expecially when it comes to overclocking, had no probs for 2 years 800mhz@4-3-3-3 and 1T@2.2vlts
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