P5KPL Soundcard driver issue, PLEASE HELP!

Helo, so today i have had changed my mobo and CPU, i have bough Asus P5KPL and C2D E7200.
Well everything is fine, but the only things bugs me:

i am using other sound card M-Audio Audophile 2496 so i dont need the integrated one, so i have had disabled it, but every time i load windows the window pop-ups that have been found new hardware (the integrated soundcard). So ok ive instaled the drivers, even the soundcard is disabled, still every time it pop-ups.

By the way mobo has newest Bios version 603

Any suggestions how to disable those pop-ups?

thanks in advance
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  1. Try uninstalling (from Control Panel>add and remove programs) both sound drivers. Then install only the one you are going to be using.
  2. i did that already before instaling drivers, and as i said I DONT NEED INTEGRATED SOUNDCARD and disabled thro BIOS :)

    so theoricaly it should not be found at all ;(

    but windows still pops-up "found new hardware"
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