3 500GB seagate HD's in Raid 0?

Hi guys
I new to this stuff but I just bought 3 new Seagate 500 GB hard drives. I want to set up a raid array for my system. I have no problem with setting up the array in the bios. My problem is the copy of vista I have is an upgrade so i need to install XP first then upgrade it to vista. I have not used my floppy drive in 5 years and when i tried to make the driver disk it did not work.
Is there any other option for this? I read somewhere that I can use the vista disk to format the drive and create a partition then restart and install XP on that partition(the raid array). I am at work right now can not try this till I get home. Will that actually work? Or do I need to suck it up and buy a new floppy on my way home.
I will be using a 1 TB external eSATA drive for daily back ups so not too worried about the potential data loss. I installed vista without a registry key last night, seems to be working fine but need to redo the whole thing tonight.

Thanks in advance for any input.
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  1. you can install xp, upgrade, create backup image to your external drive, create the raid and restore your system from image.
  2. Sounds like a great idea. I have never used disk imaging before so did not think of it.
    How do I restore the disk image onto the formated drive? do I need to run an OS on a separate drive?
  3. you can use msbackup acronis ghost etc....
    Create an image with one of the programs
    Burn boot disk (you have an option in any program to do that)
    Create your strip.
    Boot with disk you made, restore and you home free :)
    Easy :)
    * it will not work work with XP, with Vista or 7 you should not have any problems
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