Temp Range Across Q6600 Cores

I just installed my new Xigmatek HTD-s1238 ontp my Q6600 in my Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L.

I had a nightmare time getting the Inel style push pins to lock into position. I think in all the fuss I got a bad spread on my thermal grease. My cores usually have a 4-5 degree range from core #0 to core #3. Should I go through the hassle of re-applying the paste.

Right now I'm trying an gentle OC to 2.8gigs and my highest temp is 59C. The lowest is 55C. How much trauma does 59C give to a CPU in a "long-run" outlook?

I guess I just want to know if its worth the hassle to bust everything up, buy some real thermal paste (AS5 instead of Xig brand) and try to get an even coverage? (I don't know if this is possible with the difficulty involved in snapping the LGA 775 pins into place.)

On a slighty unrelated note. The Xigmatek cooler sports HDT, Heatpipe Direct Touch, with means the cooler surface isn't one even plane. It has some voids and grooves. Xig packages the cooler with a "protective" sticker over the base. In peeling this off I was left with all the sticker glue and it took me about an hour to scrape and dissolve it away. Needless to say there was a little residue left when my patience ran out and also some was lodged into the afformentioned grooves. Is anybody scared about this? Should I be really worries that this glue is still on my cooler face a little?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. 59C is fine. As long as your core temps are below around 70C or so, I wouldn't worry about it.

    (Note: that's 70C absolutely fully loaded, so something like Prime95 smallFFT test)
  2. Well I'm about three hours into the Prime95 smallFTT test and I haven't gone above 60C on any cores. Usually floats between 59-60C for two cores but the other two top out at 55-56C. Its odd.

    I suppose things are going well. Its interesting to see the cores outperforming each other. My slowest core is about 5 mins behind the fastest.

    When I hit 6 hours i guess I'll clock up to 3.0 gigs and do some work with my Ram. I need to set it to 4-4-4-12 and maybe see about pushing it to 1066.

    It's Patriot Viper DDR2 800 so it should be able to handle it fine.

    OCing is exciting. This is my first try.
  3. And for anyone who cares I'm doing it like this.

    Core Spped 2808 Mhz
    Multip X9
    Bus 312
    VCore 1.184 V
  4. Sounds good then. The Q6600 is a great overclocker, so you should be able to hit 3.0-3.2 with very little effort.
  5. Ran Prime95 just fine. Stopped at 8 hours.
    Had trouble with the memory. Whener I tried any manual settings I couldn't get past post. Lame. I need to do some reading.

    Now Priming
    2999.9 Mhz
    X9 multi
    333 Bus

    Now I see my first 61C. Not bad I guess

    This probably bores most people but i am having fun so I'll post my findings.
  6. It's better to use the retention plate instead ogf the push pins. Of course, you need to remove the motherboard ...

    For suggestions about how to apply thermal paste to an HDT type heatsink, see:
  7. INtersting article. I'm most worried that the grease I was supplied with seems to be of the oxidizing variety. Looks like things are coming apart soon.
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