BFG 8800GT OC help needed - don't think its running right


I have been trying to get call of duty 4 to run well on my machine for a while now but its still not great. Feels like its dropping a lot of frames. Weirdest thing is that even though it works very badly on full graphics settings it works just as badly on low graphics settings.
I had a problem with my RAM running below 800MHz which i have now fixed. Only thing im looking into now is the frequencies on the GPU.
Attached is an image of NVIDIA MonitorView along with the cards spec from the BFG site.

Are these correct? Im still not completely up to date on my tech spec language. lol.

Also, i figure that there must be something wrong when im running World of Warcraft and still dropping to frame rates of around 12 fps in some heavily populated areas. WoW is a VERY old game as you know and my spec blows it out the window.

Please help! Its driving me mad! lol.

Cheers guys :(
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  1. Everything looks okay with your GPU as far as the specs.
    It's not getting hot is it?
    Have you tried uninstalling, reinstalling the drivers, overclocking your Quad?
  2. It looks ok.
    Maybe your problem is the driver! Have you got the latest WHQL from nvidias' site?
    As WoW maybe the problem is with your connection,not GPU.

    Hope this helps.
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