Help!! Problems overclocking my XFX Radeon HD 4580

Hi people,

I'm new to this forum. I signed up in hopes of getting some advice on my current situation. I have a XFX Radeon HD 4580 512MB DDR3. I've been trying to overclock it properly for days already, but can't seem to get it :( I've installed RivaTuner for the overclocking work and ATItools for the artifact scanning. I've been using the 3DMark o6 to do the stability tests. The default clock speed for my graphics card is 625/993. I've tried setting the core clock speed from 625 to 750 and I didn't crash at all. I increase it by 5 or 10 at a time and scan for artifacts for at least 2 minutes each time. No errors. For the memory, I've set it up to as high as 1240 without errors either. I've also tried setting the speeds to 750/1200 at the same time and ran the artifact scan for 5 minutes with no errors or artifacts either. While running the scans, core temperature would go up to as high as 65-66 degrees, display IO temperatures up to 65 degrees, memory IO 69-70 and shader core around 65-66 degrees.
The default fan speed is around 65%/800-900rpm but I've increased it to 98%/1690rpm or so(which is the highest it can go. It's quite noisy but I can stand it.)
The problem however, starts when I start the 3DMark o6. I tried running it at defaults and everything goes smoothly, getting a score of around 11300-ish(I wonder if that's decent at all). However, when I run the 3DMark test at the speed or 750/1200, it crashes like, 10-20 seconds into the first graphics test. I dropped the speeds to 700/1180 and it still crashed. I dropped it further to 680/1160 and it managed to pull through and I got a score 11800-ish score. I don't know why it keeps crashing. Artifact tests showed no errors for 5 minutes and more at 750/1200. I don't know if it crashed cause it was too hot or maybe unstable? =o I've tried this for days and got a bit annoyed lol. When it crashes the screen some how blacks out but vertical lines could be seen. What could cause this? Overheat?(I thought my heat sink and fan was pretty good already, comparing it's size to my previous Inno3D 8600GTS.) Or did i push the clock speeds too much? I'm pretty new at OC-ing. And I have no idea what IO means. If anyone would be kind enough to enlighten me :D

One side note, I can't use the overclocking tools on my ATI tools. It saids something like,"Permission was denied when trying to access the Kernal Mode Driver" and they suggest me to run as an Administrator. But when I do that, it just crashes straight away. Help :pt1cable:

Here are my computer specs:

-Q6600 2.4Ghz
-2 x 1GB Ballistic rams(Not sure what ballistic means either o_O)
-Windows Vista Home Premium
-Not sure what my motherboard is and don't know how to find it, but it's some original Intel motherboard.

Any help would be much appreciated ^^

Cheers! :D

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  1. Only OC one thing at a time. Leave your memory at stock and OC the core 1 step at a time. Use Furmark to test for stability. When you've reached the max then you can OC the memory, although OCing the core is of greater benefit to performance.
  2. Thanks for your reply theAnimal,

    Yeah, I OverClocked one component at a time. The core was stable up to 750 and the memory up to 1250. But then I Over Clock those 2 together, it crashes. Everytime D: The screen blacks out and vertical lines can be seen. Is it a heat issue? Or did I push it too much? =/
  3. Oh Wait. I ran the core at 750 and did a 3DMark o6 test and it crashed too. So am I pushing it too much? By the way, Furmark = 3DMark o6?

    Cheers! :D

  4. If it crashes, it's not stable.

    Furmark is more stressful than 3DMark.
  5. Oh.. D: It crashes when i go to 690 for clock speed. So, that means it's too high? And i've only raised it like, 10%? If it really is too much, then this card is really dissappointing. :( Or maybe I did something wrong along the way? Any suggestions?
  6. It's probably the limit of your card, although you may be able to OC higher for gaming depending on how much it stresses the card.
  7. Oh.. D: But I've read around and seen people pushing it to something like, 720/1200 and mine cant even reach 680 D:
    And, omg. 5 seconds after I run Furmark, my computer crashes. Even at default speeds. Is that supposed to happen? :O Anyone with a 4850 that has the same problem as me? :(

    Just a thought, could it be due to lack of power? I mean, do I need to turn up the voltage?
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