Radeon 4850 512MB GDDR3 PCIe listed

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  1. wow, good deals. How long before supply and demand make them $269.
  2. if they weren't both so out of stock, i would say, well, is it Hype ?

    Btw, do those stores sell WoW Expansions WoTLK and Emerald Dream?
    And Darkfall online im waiting for it ages now.
    And Duke nukem forever.

    And my precious Voodoo 6 6500 with 4 VSA Chips in SLI.

    Sorry about the excess of sarcasm, but i found it appropriate.
  3. Randor you mongoloid.

    Sorry about the retard reference, but I found it appropriate.

    Thanks sslusser - I plan on buying one of these when they come out, so it is nice to know they will be under the $200 mark before long.
  4. Fudzilla was talking $169-179 for the HD4850. I hope they are right.
  5. Maybe we get lower cost cards after the release rush...
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