8800GT on XFX 680i board

i have got an e8200 running on xfx 680i motherboard . i want to add 8800GT from XFX to my rig . as we all know , the card is pci express 2.0 while the board is not . so can i get the card running on my motherboard ? i googled and found out that it should work but i do not want to take any chances as i won't be able to buy a new motherboard right now if this does not work.
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  1. [:mousemonkey:2] I'm running a pair of XFX 8800GT's on an Abit 680i board, so you might be ok.
  2. Yes, a pci express 2.0 card will work fine in your mobo.
  3. thanks for the replies . hope the older slot will not hold the card back
  4. It won't, nothing really makes use of the bandwidth of a PCI-E 1.1 x16 slot, let alone a 2.0.
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