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If you had a choice between getting a VGA to DVI adaptor, a KVM switcher, a VGA switcher, or upgrading(?) to a PC DVI 3D graphics card which would you go for on price vs peformance??

The goal is to run two platforms that are both currently VGA-out, into an LCD with a D-Sub port and a dual DVI-I digital/analog port.

(The PC is currently running on a Siluro T400 VGA card by the way.)

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  1. LCDs are very signal sensitive. I tried this with a cheap VGA switcher which caused a lot of screen distortion.

    A graphics card with DVI would be definitely better.
  2. Agree, If you want the best performance avoid adapters, and switch boxes.

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  3. Jesus you weren't wrong about the signal quality, VGA switchers are pants. Two kick arse systems in wobblevision. Glad I didn't go the KVM route, £35 is one thing...

    DVI card it is then.
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