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I have a network of 15 computers and with 2 printers connected by a peer-to-peer network. I want to be able to share at least one of those printers (which happens to be connected to one of the 15 puters by USB) with any that has a wireless connection. I connected an wireless adapter to said computer. I set it to only connect to ad-hoc connections and gave it the same IP it has on the wired network. It will not allow me to share, but I was able to print from it with 2 different laptops with wireless cards once each. Now when they try to print they get a message that they do not have access to the netwok though the ad-hoc is shown as being used in their wireless network lists.

Any ideas on why this is or how to properly set up my ad-hoc network?

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  1. Your starting at step 4 or 5. Try step one. Can you ping the machine with the printer from ANY other machine?

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  2. From what I have seen ad-hoc networks have more problems than infrastuctured network. So instead of setting the wireless adapter for ad-hoc mode, I would use it to set up a structured wireless network.

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  3. Yeah, I guess he really needs to clarify how he is setup. As written it isn't very clear.

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  4. I don't know how to ping another computer over a wireless connection. Is there an XP utility or do I need to dl something?

    I understand that the easiest way to do what I want would be to buy an wireless router but I'm doing this for a lab at school and don't have much in the way of funds. I'm hoping I can create access for wireless laptops to a wired network printer. I have an wireless adapter that was given to me and that's about it.
  5. C:\ping IP or computer name, same as you would on any network card, which is all a wireless adapter is, a wireless network card.
  6. Well, I was able to ping both computers. I assigned them both IPs and now it seems to be working. The computer on the existing network just has two IPs now, one for each card/adapter.
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