Latent ESD damage - what's the real deal??

I'm paranoid that I may have inadvertantly subjected my PC to ESD damage....the latent kind that doesn't manifest itself right away. You see, I just built a new rig and everything has run flawlessly so far....almost too good. I've been reading up on ESD and now it's got me paranoid. I fear that one of these days my PC will start malfunctioning due to it being weakened (and from what I could be Ok for months and then start showing THAT would suck). But it's probably perfectly fine....after all, I tried to wear the geek strap throughout the entire install, but my entire house is carpeted and I think I may have forgotten to ground myself a few times. That brings up my first hardware these days made to withstand a certain amount of ESD (like 2000 volts)? Do they have ESD diode chips these days that "take the hit"?

Is PassMark's BurnInTest (say run for 8 hours straight) a good test to see if any of my components have been subjected to any form of ESD?? I've run it for a short while, and everything seems to be tip-top. I know ESD is hard to pin point, and I'm probably just worrying for nothing. But like I said, I'm paranoid (I think by nature) and I'd like to not be any more! I just want to enjoy my PC without having to worry about it failing! One last thing....if I do run the BurnInTest, and it passes after 8 hours, is it safe to say that the entire PC has been spared of ESD up until this point?


P.S. - I know I'm friends give me crap about it all the time!! :pt1cable:

P.S.S. - Has anyone else ever wondered this, or am I just a complete dork?
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  1. Wow your paranoid!

    I have never worried about static and I have never fried anything and I have built and fixed several hundred computers. When you are doing anything just be sure to handle everything around the edges and you will be fine. I'm sure your system is fine, download and run Orthos or Prime 95 for 24hrs and if it is still running then your fine.
  2. You will never be able to tell if there was any ESD damage, and there most likely was not. Relax and enjoy the machine. Things fail even with no ESD damage, so even if something fails you can't blame ESD.

    Seriously, take a chill pill, all will be well.
  3. If it works it works, i short my old mobo (by accident, damn slippery fingers). It still works! And never worry about esd, yes i wear rubber soles and rub my feet on the carpet :P
  4. Thanks guys, that's what I thought. My imagination runs away with me a result, I start over analyzing.

    In regards to the chill pill...I like to drink mine the form of Remy Martin. Hmmmm, now I know what I'll be doing the rest of the night!! :sol:


  5. Start using a better brand of cognac, then you can be more paranoid about your wallet than your PC.
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