Suggestions wanted: Intel mobo for 8 GB of RAM

I am planning to build a new system in the next month. I'm currently planning to use an Intel quad processor, probably the Q9450. I prefer an Intel chipset mobo: P45 or X38/X48. I'll probably use either a single HD4850 or HD4870 video card. I don't want to rule out crossfire, but I'm not planning on it either (it is more nice-to-have rather than required). The same goes for RAID--I won't use it right away and probably not ever; I'm more likely to go with two hard drives mapped independently. I plan to run Vista 64-bit Ultimate. I can spend what I want, but I prefer not to waste money. I want to go with DDR2 RAM 800 (possibly faster), which is getting really cheap. I can surely live with 4 GB of RAM but given RAM prices and reports about Vista operation, I'm considering going with 8 GB (4 x 2 GB preferred, but I'll be buying the RAM so whatever).

Okay, enough background! I'm looking for recommendations for a P45 or X38/X48 mobo that can be counted on to handle 8 GB for RAM. My initial research made me inclined toward Gigabyte or Asus. I'm a bit put off by reports here an on Newegg on difficulty in getting four RAM modules to all work with Vista, but I don't know how seriously to take them. (is this a general problem or some quirky individual mobos)?

Please give me suggestions for mobos (and thanks in advance)!
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  1. I have the Rampage Forumla and I have 8 Gigs of OCZ Platinum PC2-8000(DDR2-1000) currently running at 3.4 (425X8) With the RAM at 1020(510) 5:6 ratio.

    The P5E Deluxe is the Rampage Forumla without the ROG stuff, LCD Poster, Onboard buttons.

    I highly recommend the X48 chipset, I love the Rampage Formula. If you want to spend the extra money for the Rampage, Get it, If not get the P5E Deluxe.

  2. you should get 4x4 lol
  3. Well If you want the option to go to 16 Gigs of RAM you can get the P45 Chipset with DDR2, The DDR3 will only allow 8Gigs.

    Then you can go 4X4:)

  4. and for what reason would you need 16 gigs of ram?
    but any board with 4 dim slots will work with 4x 2gig sticks.

    choice now is whether you want DDR2 or DDR3.
  5. So is the consensus (so far) that getting 4 x 2 GB RAM won't be difficult in spite of various comments to the contrary in the Newegg reviews? (I hope this doesn't read as being snide; please take the question at face value.)
  6. yeah I sure didn't have a problem I run a much older board. the AB9-Pro uses the p965 chipset. I run it with 4x2GB sticks and vista x64, I didn't have any problems getting it to work. I don't see why newer chipsets would be less capable with more memory then my older board.
  7. Thanks. I will assume that running with 8 GB of RAM won't be a problem.
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