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  1. If the P4 2.4 is a B model (533 bus) it's slower than your AXP2800+. If it's a C model (800 bus) it is about equal. You could probably OC his 2.4 to near 3.0 GHz.

    Honestly, if you are gaming on this machine, any CPU you can put on either motherboard is quite low for the newest games. I think it's a waste to buy a CPU for either system. You would be much better off with a budget socket AM2 or 775 dual core setup instead. You will need a mobo, cpu, DDR2 memory, and a PCI-e video card. Also possibly a new power supply depending what your currently available ones are and the video card you choose.

    Anyway, sorry to bare bad news. There are plenty of old games you should be able to play. But If you hope to play the latest and future games, you should aim toward a dual core system within budget. I was trying to play the new Race Driver: Grid demo yesterday on an A64 3700+ (once mighty single core) and it struggled under 30 fps most of the time on low details even at 640x480 resolution.

    Edit: I assume you have an Athlon XP 2800+ and not an Athlon 64 2800+. The A64 2800+ is much faster than the Athlon XP or the P4. Still single core though.
  2. Paul... that was one quick reply!

    I don't pay games`at all.. however i do do some video editing but ainly photo editing in PhotoShop. I use Nikon NX which is slowish.. so maybe a new system is a better way forward.

    You say get a Dual Core CPU.. this will have to be Intel based as my Video editor sw prefers intel although it did run acceptably on my AMD system. What DualCore CPU do you think is equal in performance to what I have, so I can decide on what I can afford that will be better? Thanks!
  3. Alot depends on your budget and whether you have to use your old memory. There are plenty older model cpus, but few motherboards left for socket 478 and 939 (using ddr). Check starmicro for any oem cpus you're interested in, and computer geeks for older motherboards. For a cheap upgrade using your old ddr, 3btech has an asrock dual vsta socket 775 board for $33 shipped with no accessories (you can get a backplate from asrock america for $5). For the cpu, the 2xxx series core2 duo is priced right, and I use the "pin mod" technique to overclock.
  4. o1die...

    this is great information!... do you see the 2xxx serias as comparable to the P4 24Ghz I have..respecting performance that is.

    I just need something to compare to, before shopping.

    I think video card and memory are on the cards as my AGP and DDR are too old tech for anything today.

    So, it's a bundle, I think..
  5. advice again please... this would appear to provide a 'slight increase in power (presume the AMD 64 is better) and have the SATA HD connectors I would prefer.. and use my 2Gb of DDR memory..

    is the board any good enough though..chipset won't be Intel obviously.

    I'm trying to find the Elite Group website a we speak..

    Many thanks for all your help and suggestions.
  6. give us a rough amount you are willing to spend and we can put together some stuff for you as suggestions
  7. apologies.. I meant to put a link in my post..this was it:

    It's only £42.00 inc 64 3000+ processor.
    Not sure if my video card, an ATI 9600 256 AGP, is AGP Pro fit for this MB though?

    however if i had to put a limit on spend at present it would be £150.00 UK pounds..but that would mean a PCI express Video card I presume?

    again, i thank everyone for their information
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