Problems with G.Skill RAM?

Hi all,
this is a repost of another question i have sorta...
I am just wondering can bad RAM cause random freezes? everywhere
from BIOS to halfway through a program starting up in windows?

This G.Skill RAM is the only thing i have in my system that i think might be dodgy,
its so weird i get my system working then freezing,
when i get it up and running on a game, it all freezes including the sound

For the full specs of my system i direct you to :
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  1. Yes, bad RAM symptoms can range from:

    a) next to nothing, until you run a specific program that just so happens to address the bad memory address(es) in question, then BSOD

    b) no boot, no POST

    c) no boot, motherboard beeps

    d) BSODs on startup

    e) BSODs on shutdown

    f) BSODs at random

    g) random freezing, usually when the PC tries to BSOD but doesn't make it that far

    In any of these cases, run Memtest 86...
  2. +1 run memtest, never had problems with G. Skill so far.
  3. just stuck some other ram i had lying around...

    still getting the same crashes :(

    what is funny i went into bios and screen froze yet i could crtl-alt-delete
    it and restart the computer

    again random crashes i could go into warcraft and 5 mins after it crashed again :/
  4. i hope its not the video card its new, ive had horrible luck with them lately :(
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