Monitoring traffic through a wireless router?

I have an ATT U-Verse Wireless router supplying 7 computers throughout my home. It is hardwired to my main computer.

I also have several children of all ages, one of which has had a tendency to make poor decisions on websites, email, and internet chatting.

We have discussed the issue, but I am of the 'trust but verify' mindset at this point.

He is a relative 'wiz' with computers, much more so than I am. I would like to monitor ALL traffic, emails, chats etc coming through my router if their is some way to do it.

Basically what I am looking for is a KEYLOGGER which can be set up to work through either my Main (wired) computer or through my router, which will monitor all incoming/outgoing traffic much like a keylogger would. I would HOPE that I could determine which channel (computer) which traffic is coming from so I won't have to look over so much stuff.

I can load software and I can install programs. I might be just one tiny tick more savvy than the next 'regular Joe' when it comes to computers, but not alot.

While I can't say cost is NO issue... usability, reliability, safety, and relative 'HIDEABILITY' are my main goals. He doesn't get on my computer, but I want to ensure that if he should at some point, there aren't big NEON lights saying that Dad is monitoring you.

I hope you guys can help. This is VERY important to me... HE is very important to me... far too important to leave things to chance at this juncture.

Thank you all.
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  1. You could consider a remote desktop type of program that will allow you to pull up his computer at random and see what he's doing and shut down his programs.
  2. Thank you for your reply.

    I posted this question on another board, and got the reply that since they obviously can't verify my intent, that their policy is to abstain from assistance. This is COMPLETELY understandable.

    However, this does not help me with my problem and perhaps I can ask the questions differently.

    I have read about Wireshark, but am not sure exactly what it does. It is a 'packet sniffer' which I kind of understand, however, I don't know if it could do what I need it to do.

    As far as intermittantly checking with a programs such as you mention. While that might help, the very intermittant nature would give me pause. The boy isn't stupid... he has just been led a bit astray. I am hoping that monitoring things for a while will alleviate the trust issues and help us to go on.

    Anyone know anything about Wireshark and what format it presents the information?
  3. Here's a program I found on google that could help.

    Another link

    Here's something else that may help.

    I also think if he is that tech savvy, you may consider this type of a program. It's called Centurion Guard.

    Basically, the nice part about this, as a computer tech, I've tested it. You can set it up so that he can have one space where his data will be safe, but you install this program and password protect it. What this program will do is lock the computer, if he's smart enough, he could even log into safe mode, try to kill this program, and delete it, but when you restart the computer, it comes up exactly the same as it was set up before.

    We actually tested this for an educational environment and it worked well. What might be beneficial for you is to get a filter of some type that would hide from your son and do the keylogging functions you want, and then use a program such as this so that he could not take it off until you decide it's time. It's wonderful, we've got a computer lab with a similar tool, the kids can log in, delete all the system files and do everything you can think of to mess up a Windows OS, you reboot, it looks as though it was never touched. One of the best systems we've ever had for protecting machines.
  4. check it out yo go to and download the cain and abel program onto your computer that is hardwired in.
    Use that to spoof your childrens computers monitor and managing any and all network traffic including but not limited to passwords and usernames for sites such as myspace and facebook.

    hope it helps

  5. wireshark is a great program to use, as is cain and abel. however, you must, must, MUST use them responsibly. things can, and likely will go wrong if you dont know how to use these tools. more so with cain and able. Now, as for monitoring in a way thats user friendly, my suggestion is wireshark. when you know he is online, start a capture, wait a while, then filter your results by http requests. this will allow you to quickly filter websites out. now, if its passwords youre wanting, it can be done with wireshark, but is much easier done with cain and able. also, in wireshark if youre savvy enough, you can follow the tcp stream between the web server and his computer, and you can use info in it to find out what he is downloading or uploading. this will usually be denoted in the capture by a "get" message.
  6. If you want to get really into this, and you have an old computer with two network cards, or an expantion slot to add one. You could make an Untangle router.
    The OS is free. And you install "Apps" on there for what your want to do. Some of the apps are free or are lite versions. But others you need to pay a monthly fee for.
    I think you could get buy with the free apps for what you are trying to do.

    If has a free web filter, can block porn, gambling, proxy, social sights, and tones more. All throw it still isn't prefect . You may want to upgrade to the paid version of that app, It does a better job.
    It will also log all web sights any computer go to, tell your the top violators of a rule.
    You can also setup a captive portal, that will require everyone to log in to the internet. with a user name and password. Then track them based on user accounts. So if someone gets on another computer, the are still being tracked.
  7. Try Family Cyber Alert - $USD 39.95 and its hidden in the system32 files. not in program listing, is keylogger, does real time watch, screen shots etc. We have found it very effective.
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