New gaming PC need some input.

im building a new gaming pc for around 3k and need some input on what i've put together so far. its been a while since i've built a computer and not positively sure that all the components are going to play nice with each other. also looking to keep this for a good couple years with some potential upgrades. looking to have this built by the end of june so i can take it to MML with me, so i don't know how well that will work with holding out on the new GPUs. please tell me what you think, and if there are any potential problems with the current build.

Case - Silverstone JT10

PSU - Silverstone DA800 800W

Mobo - ASUS P5E

CPU - Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650

GPU - EVGA 9800 GX2 or waiting for the new nvidia cards.

RAM - OCZ Reaper 4gb (2x2gb)

HDD - WD Sata 3Gb/s 1T

noted: the cpu i already have, i got it for super cheap(full price included in budget), also have a zalman heatsink togo with it.

edit: ram and mobo updated
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  1. Ok.. Nowadays $3k is overkill for a computer build. You can really get a nice system for half that.

    Step 1- DDR3 is not worth the cost premium right now. It hardly adds any speed and really jacks up the cost. So lets drop that for some DDR2-800/1066 RAM.

    Step 2- Get rid of the motherboard. nVidia's Intel chipsets are frankly not very good, and terrible unless you want to SLI out of the box. Lets switch that to a x38/x48 motherboard.

    Step 3- You picked a nice PSU, good work. However, it might a little overkill for this system. That one is up to you though.

    Step 4- For the price I would buy 2x 500GB drives. I don't like having all my eggs in one basket on such a large drive if you know what I mean.

    Now then-

    Motherboard: Asus P5E
    Offical FSB1600 support, 45nm support, nice board (the one I own)

    RAM: G.Skill 2x 2GB DDR2-800 4-4-4-12

    Hard drive: Segate 750GB 32MB cache x2
    $37 more than your 1TB drive, with an extra 500GB of storage.
  2. I would go with OCZ for Ram. I like the Reaper Series and have 8GB Memory.
    Go with two 300GB WD Velociraptor in Raid for Gaming and place the Segate 750GB for your OS.
    That's a smokin Gaming system there.
  3. the reason i choose DDR3 was for a bit of future proofing. Is this even possible, because i was planning on using all 3 SLI Slots on the 790i, one for the 9800/9900, one for my current 7800 to run my secondary monitors off of(3 monitor set up), and the 3rd will be saved for SLI that i plan on getting sometime after i build this rig. i figured i'd need the 800watt for the extreme processor and the 3 video cards that will eventually be running. oh, and i keep all my eggs on my server :D
  4. Getting SLI "sometime after I build the rig" is a terrible idea. It is waste of money, because the next generation, 1 card will often beat your 2 in SLI and use less power.

    Future proofing your system with DDR3 is a bad idea also. DDR3 probably won't catch on within 2-3 years and by then its time to buy a new motherboard anyway due to the socket required when you upgrade to a new CPU assuming to follow the average 3 year upgrade cycle. So that futureproof is not a good one.
  5. thanks for the input. i realize after reading these posts and several others that ddr3 and the 790i board isn't the way togo at all (should have done some research). I was told when building a system that you should match the ram speeds to the FSB speeds thus the reason i choose DDR3. is this true? so far im going with the P5E and 4GB of Reaper DDR2 800
  6. Somewhat, not really. Depends really. It is more for overclocking.

    DDR2-800 is nice because you can match it 1:1 at FSB1600.
  7. I am currently planning 4GB of Reaper X, is the jump to 8GB worth it?
  8. i do plan on overclocking the processor a bit, i mean its a qx9650 why would i not?! as for 8gb of ram unless your doing some hardcore video editing i don't think you'll notice much of a difference than 4gb.
  9. case it's the big brother to the Antec 900. Enough said.

    mobo - it's a few dollars cheaper and it's an excellent board.

    mem - I am a big fan of OCZ mem. I am by no stretch a comp expert and OCZ is very supportive. This mem is about $15 more per set of 2 x 2 the the PC6400. While you may not benefit much from 8 vs 4 gig atm this will leave you with room to grow.

    I agree completely with shadowduck regarding the hd's. The Seagates are very fast. I have 3 and have not had any problems with any of them.
  10. Haha T3hDon, depending on how your rig turns out and wether you get the GTX280's, our rigs may wind up very similair :P
  11. that case is way to flashy for me, really don't like all the LEDs, kinda partial to the silverstone as well. as for the mobo, i really haven't decided. i have a gigabyte currently and haven't had a single problem with it. the asus that i have bought before was DOA, RMA'd it and got another DOA board so i went with gigabyte. should i give asus another go around?
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