best Computer Case review site/which watt PS

Im trying to look at legit good reviews of cases. im trying to find a sub $120 dollar case for atx MB that cools really good for being a non Radical cooling unit "ie water"

also im trying to figure out what watt power supply i need.

CPU=pentium d 920
MB=p4m890t-m2 motherboard from ECS
GPU=Nvidia 7600 GS
2gig ram
Dlink extreme wirelessN-nic
average sound car

and want to run atleast 4-5 fans inside the case minimum at all times.
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  1. NZXT Tempest

    A PSU in the 350W range should be plenty of power. Your actual power usage should be under 250watts.
  2. oh really? cool. i have a 400watt about a year old. so i should be good to go then. thanks
  3. Keep in mind that over times psu's do wear out and that not all 400 watt psus are created equally(i have seen a 500 watt psu with less 12 volt power then an old 250 watt one). Check how much power your psu offers to its 12 volt rail(s).

    Your systems is rather low power(consumption).
  4. Why not upgrade your graphics card instead of getting a new case?
    If you want a case, I'd recommend a Antec Three Hundred for $60-$70.
  5. because i currently use a old Thermaltake Xaser III with the side panel missing. and though i have a industrial stanley fan. that pushes immense air or sucks it. it also sounds like a hurricane lol. open side is asking for dust to get all over the internals quickly and that kills performance.
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