A begginers question regarding routers

before i dive into the unknown router world that i dont know anything about. (i have always used one modem connected to one pc, now i need to set up another pc).

this is what i wanna ask.

all the problems routers have , problems with ping in games, problems in downloading speeds, and all the other problems from having a router instead of just a modem, do they happen if the other pc is shut down?

the other pc ( for my parents) will be in all probability, mostly off.

so will all the side effects of having a router wont happen when its off?

(i know i can always switch between tourer and modem when i realy want too, but my question is so i wont have too, or will i).

thank you
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  1. Only other affect another computer would have is if it is downloading at the same time. Just having it connected won't do anything. As for the router causing high pings, it may add a small amount but usually nothing that would make a difference.
  2. Research the latency times of various routers in you price range and buy the best.
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