EP45 DS3L and 1066mhz Kingston 4GB and E5200 overclocking help

Hello I'm new to this forum and was wondering if any of you guys have a similar and/or the same spec machine as mine. The reason I ask is that I plan to over clock the CPU and the memory. Does anybody here have any knowledge in over clocking the below spec – I would be grateful for any information for settings on the BIOS, FSB, core voltage etc etc.

E5200 with Arctic freezer 7
4 GB Kingston Hyper X 1066 mhz
Radeon (Sapphire) 4750 512DDR3
Corsair TX 650W ATX SLi PSU
Antec 300 gaming case

Thanks Mozart.
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  1. Check out the excellent OC guides among the forum stickies.
  2. I have, but sometimes with the variety of settings it would be far easier if some had a similar set up so that they can exchange settings; as opposed to wading through a torrent of OC guides for other CPUs ,MBs and so on. But thanks for the reply.

    Regards Mozart
  3. Alas, due to the many differences between pcs, ranging form the hardware specs, the cpu's VID, the ambient temp, etc, it is impossible to say what settings will work for you.

    If you just copied someones elses settings, even if the hardware was simalar, you very well could end up with an unstable, or even fried machine. If you are wanting to overclock your machine it is imparative that you read the stickies and know what you are doing. You will have to play with the settings to find out what works for your computer.

    If you have any specific questions that the stickies didn't answer we would be happy to help clarify those, but for learning how to overclock the stickies are going to be your best friend.
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