Best graphics card to pair with an X2 6400+

Hello good friends of Tomshardware forums! Well, I don't know you yet, but post a response and we're friends for life, scout's honor.
I have an X2 6400+ oc'd to 3.3GHz (super stable, burned in). I really need to upgrade my graphics card, it's a 7600GT. Blah. I have started playing Age of Conan, and am hooked, but I'm sick of these crummy, blurry graphics.
The GeForce 8800 GT 512MB on Tom's guide looked suitable, but I've been out of the graphics game, so I feel like I'm flying blind.
So what would you folks recommend? I have an Nvidia chipset (a 5 series, not exactly bleeding edge but it's stable), so I'd like to stick with that to preserve the possibility of SLI (Hmm, will new SLI cards like 8 and 9 series work with a 5 series chipset?). Additionally, my budget is $200 - that's the max, and it's not negotiable unless you're one slick salesman.
Oh, one other thing: I can wait. If something that's going to be the bees knees is on the horizon and prices will be dropping, I can stand the blurry AoC boobies for some time as well.
So who wants to help?

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    This is better than the 8800GT..
    But honestly, I "think" u wud be bottlenecked, (not by CPU), but maybe by your older chipset.. Not sure abt this.. maybe more knowledgable ppl will help you out... All the best :)
  2. i would recommend 2x 8800 gs's seeign as they cost about 90$ a piece and are slgihtly weaker 8800 gt's
    or the 8800 gt 256 mb
    or the 8800 gts 320 x2,9600 gt x2, or the 9600 gso x2all run about 180-250 a pair
  3. i think your best bet would be a 4850. it's looking to be a very well-performing card at a very good price point. :D i'm waiting for it myself.
  4. 2 8800GS's in SLI is a lot of graphic power. BUT....not everything works great with SLI, 2 cards are just more problems than 1. 1 good card still makes more sense to the vast majority of people than 2 lesser cards in SLI.

    An 8800GT is very good card and well worth the money.

    If you can find an 8800GTS 512 (g92) meg card for about $200 THAT is the card you want. You could buy them a month ago for as low as $169, which was just an absolutely killer price for one these baby's. The prices have been going back up lately. There is NO card that will match their performance at $200. The 9800GTX is only very slightly faster and cost's $100 more.

    Don't buy one the old 8800GTS 320 (g80) cards. If you are going to buy, and have $200 to spend, and want something that will run everything out there with your CPU at decent rates, 8800GT at least, and if you can do it, the 8800GTS 512 (G92).
  5. ATI's 4850 or 4870 would make a fine choice when it releases in a just a week or 2. The Benchmarks for the 280GTX will be out on Monday so surly you should wait to see those. I would suggest the ATI 4870 when it releases because DX10.1. My reasoning is old tech even faster isn't worth a higher price when it will suffer image quality or none compatibility in the near future. Up sampling for even pic quality will kill the Nvidia DX10 only GPU's.
  6. Yeah, you might want to wait and see whats up with the new cards since they are only a short few weeks away. That is good advice.
    You can be assured of one thing though, they are going to cost more than everyone is thinking.
  7. wait around a couple of weeks to seek how much teh 4850 card will be. by the time it comes out and in case it's too expensive, the last gen card willl drop the price.
  8. I have a 6000+ and am due to get a new video card. I am gonna wait for the new cards and if they are too expensive or do not perform I will probably pick up a 8800GT or 8800GTS.
  9. Wow, thanks for the overwhelming response!

    Elbert, I really like your reasoning. I too thought it would be kinda strange to get an 8800. Waiting for the 4850 sounds like an interesting plan. And yeah, SLI sounds like a pain in the ass anyways.

    The 8800GTS sounds like a great deal as well. But since all these new cards are apparently mere weeks away, sounds like waiting a bit is a great idea.

    Waiting 2 weeks wins, looking at the 4850 and praying for a price drop on the older cards if it's too expensive.
  10. Oh, one other thing - anyone have a recent link with info on the 4850? How about a comparable Nvidia product (as in new technology, similar price point).
  11. there is no benchmarks, official prices as of yet. you need to be patient.
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