I am upgrading some parts, need some opinions

Current specs in signature.

CPU is Q6600 GO

new mobo will be Asus P5E x38

New memory will be Corsair Dominator 1066

New PSU will be PC Power & Cooling S75QB 750W

PSU is a no brainer....

Any alternate suggestions on the mobo or memory? The money fits exactly right as its all I got ($540)

always willing to save some but want quality parts...
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  1. This board is a little cheaper and has free shipping. One of the guys I work with did a build with this board and it has been nothing but great. He's using the same CPU that you will and 4g of Muskin ram. He's at 3.5Mhz, very stable using a Xigmatek cooler. Working with it has changed my own mind for my build, I'll going with the Abit IP35 Pro instead of the Asus P5K-E.
  2. ^ agreed with Chuckm regarding mobo and cooler.
  3. Exactly the type of advice i am looking for Chuckm... Thanks!

    Mihirkula, I already have the TRUE...

    Another other thoughts??
  4. interesting choice, but I have to ask, why are you getting different RAM? I ask because, DDR2 800 is just fine even for 3.6Ghz.
  5. Well, I didnt explain the whole deal...

    Wifes computer is an AMD 64 3200+ with an old agp card..... I have a e6300 and a X1950pro video card in my drawer.

    So I am going to take this mobo (P965) along with the Crucial and make her a newish puter...giving me the chance to buy new memory in the 2x2gb mode...

    I guess I could look at quality ddr2 800 ram and give it a mild OC if I get my q6600 OC fairly high...

    I didnt really consider that.. was just kinda blinded at the small price difference between 800 and 1066
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