What is the vertical yellow line on my LCD screen ?


I'm using Samsung 2232BW LCD Screen

Somtimes i saw vertical yellow line on middle of my screen suddenly. And then i'm aplying little litte bit force to screen's plastic surface ( top side ) or i'm turning left-side or right-side slowle and it gone now.

sometimes the color be magenta or white i saw white and magenta color only one time.. usually yellow line.

What is this ? and will able to it fix ?
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  1. Seems the LCD panel is starting to fail.

    No way to really fix it. If it is under warranty then contact Samsung to get it repair or replaced.
  2. yeah under warranty. but i really want to learn why when i touch screen it gone and then it's coming back =) and everytime i'm applying force different position =) too interesting..

    thank you..
  3. I too have the vertical yellow line on a samsung t240, right in the center. I tapped the top of the monitor after seeing a post where someone said they were pressing on the monitor and tilting it. Sure enough the yellow line went away.

    Why is there? I can only guess. Could be a bad solder connection or a bad connection on some internal cable. It could be a bad IC which functions as the controller to each pixel, but when you press on the monitor to fix it, that suggests it is a physical connection issue. It appears a whole column is not set correctly, so that will mean something to the designers.

    I am going to rma this one. Samsung sent me a replacement on another monitor that failed before. This T240 is only 3.5 months old. Starting to wonder if samsung has found the limit in engineering a product for the least amount of cost!
  4. I got the same problem on the same model and it's also 3.5 months old.
    Don't know what happened.
  5. Ive got a Yellow Line on my LCD Asus VK266H on the right. Last week it appears in few minutes(10-15mins) then just it gone. But now looks like to stayed with me in 5 hours more.

    Anybody here know how to fix it?
  6. Just send it back, as has been the advice in this thread since 2008.
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