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To what speed can i overclock my intel e8400 @3.00 ghz and galaxy 9600gt 512mb single slot fan .I don't want to destroy them and i also don't want any heating issues .Also would I have to buy some coolers.Please reply fast.
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  1. With a decent aftermarket cooler and some attention to case airflow, if you have a good power supply, and are a little lucky with your CPU, you have a good chance of hitting 4.0 GHz while maintaining reasonable temperatures.
  2. Many people were able to reach close to 4GHz, I'm sure you can reach 3.6GHz without any trouble. But get an after-market cooler, the stock cooler is barely enough at stock speed (and many find it lacking even at stock).
  3. Which cooler should i buy.Would Xigmatek HDT-S1283 or Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro be good.
  4. The Xigmatek is probably one of the best if not THE best around. Make sure you get the right crossbow attachment to go with it (sold separately, ~10$, I think they also make a LGA775/LGA1366 one, I would get this one so if you get an i7 in the future you could reuse it).
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