Server motherboard as a workstation?

Moving from the bleeding edge to the ridiculous... Anyone ever use a server motherboard in a regular workstation?

1. So let me get this straight, you can slap 64GB of ram on a server motherboard, and run Win XP 64 bit?

2. Do these things run well for gaming too? Say if I add a 8800 GT video card?

3. Any appreciable differences between Xenon quad cores and Core 2 quads?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. it'll run fine for gaming. but your really not going to see a huge difference compared to a normal gaming rig. just look up benchmarks for intel's skulltrail system. To the best of my knowledge serverboards and workstation boards are pretty much the same.

    I would use vista ultimate x64 though, it's got much better support then xp 64. Also there are alot of new mainstream boards that will take 16GB of ram. also considering that nehalem will process 8 threads (using 4 cores) i would advise against this type of build unless your using some serious workstation type apps, like maya or 3d studio max on a professional basis.
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