I have a low 3DMark06 score...

Well it might just be that my motherboard or GFX card is dying, but my 3Dmark06 score seems bad for my system. I dont think this is right as i have a good processor, and GFX card (amd 6400+ x2 and nvidia 9800GTX+) it might be that my components are dying. :/ any helps would be greaaaaatly aprreciated. course it might be that having 6GB RAM is bottlenecking my system. Also it only throws out 10001 3Dmarks :/

oh and could it also be that i had to move my card to the second PCi-e slot becasue it wouldn't boot up in the other one or booted up with artifacts :/. I think its probably my mobo dead/dying.

and while i'm on the subject in CPU-z my processor speed fluctuates from running at 3.3ghz, to like just over 1! It has no overclock and when i did overclockit, the value stayed the same, but i got like 12 fps solid in crysis XD

thnx loads if u can help

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  1. 12fps? You should be able to run crysis with decent framerate on this setup. Whats the mobo? Speed fluctuation is the effect of a power saving feature that drops the cpu speed when idle, not sure how amd calls it, Cool n Quiet or something
  2. my problem isnt crysis lol i fixed that. My problem i my low (or i think it is low) 3DMark06 score :/
  3. cheers man. i downloaded the newest chipset drivers and my score is now 11223 :/ better but not at it's full potential methinks. And it is now a possibilty that i could have a slightly defective card/mobo. so if that's the problem then ill just sen for RMA. Thanks for you help dope-smoking gollum man!
  4. Have you compared your score to similar rigs on the ORB?
  5. Have you compared your score to similar rigs on the ORB?
  6. No problem. This isnt a bad score now, my e5200 @ stock2.5ghz hd4850 stock and 2gb ram gives almost exactly the same. And dude, its only a benchmark, dont think too much of it :)
  7. I have a similar setup to Mr HardFang, but score alot higher, with only half the gfx power as you can see in my sig.

    Something isnt right some where with your set up.

    Have you checked GPUZ to make sure your cards are running at thier intended speed? your psu might not be doing its job and the cards could be throttled back.
  8. If you have an ASUS motherboard you could have the engine running that is constantly underclocking depending on use of the CPU. But your CPU is going to be what is bringing your score down. An AMD dual core CPU will always bottleneck a NVidia 9800GTX+.
  9. i just had a look on orb and the highest score with a amd x2 5000+@3.2 and a 9800gtx+ is 11349, so how is your score low?
    i think next time hardfang you need to do some research before you can justify your low score.
  10. i agree with richardscott, the points u are getting are quite good for a proc of that age as 3dmark06 is largely cpu limited, and what does it matter anyway, your not PLAYING 3d mark are you?
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