GA-EP45-DQ6(rev. 1.0) reboot loop

My pc is stuck in an infinite rebooting loop where it reboots every 3 sec (it is brand new and has just been assembled so no OC).

My current setup:
Asus hd2400xt
Corsair cm2x2048-8500c5d
Intel c2d E6600 2.4Ghz SL9S8 PCG 06
Tagan 560w psu

I have tried the following:
Remove GPU, change memory to 1xCORSAIR 6400 800Mhz, unplug all HD and DVD-RW.
Removed the MB from my chassis and just run it with cpu + cooler (Arctic cooling Alpine 7) with the same result.
Tested a different PSU (Zalman 600 w). Reset CMOS and removed the battery, still no change.
I connected an internal pc-speaker but there are no error beeps coming.
Retested all the components on my old Asus P5w dh delux board and they works just fine.
Any suggestions? Is the MB DOA? I'm grateful for any suggestions.

p.s one of the ACPI led indicators is red (ACPI led s4/5) and I can't find any info about it.
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  1. You can find more info here.

    My next suggestion would be removing the cmos battery and shorting the jumpers to clear it. That didn't do anything to fix my particular reset loop but it's a good general step in the whole process.
  2. Thanks, I've tried everything that I could think of.
    The MB is going RMA and I'm going back to an Asus board.
  3. I have three GA-EP45-DQ6 motherboards and one had the same problem unable to boot or even POST with a three second boot loop that keeps retrying over and over and over again (the lights come on, the fan starts then stops, then other LEDs stay lit then nothing as it tries again). After troubleshooting the new system by essentially removing everything including the DRAM, VideoCard, Hard Drives, USB connectors, Front Panel connectors, and even swapping the power supply to rule it out it was obvious that it was either the CPU, the CPU fan or the motherboard.

    So I got an identical replacement board and moved the CPU and fan to that board. No problems, worked the very first time! Then added back the DRAM, VideoCard, HardDrives, USB, Front Panel connectors, etc... system booting within minutes - just like it should be.

    After a few hours of chasing down Gigabytes documentation for info on what the darn LEDs actually mean it's clear that the board was having "over voltage" problems and some other problems as the trouble diagnostic LEDs were showing by staying lit. The "MD1 LED" was green while the "MD2" LED was yellow with another two LEDs near the CPU lit up, one green and one yellow - unfortunately the label for that set of LEDs wasn't clearly marked (nor visible).

    It sure would be nice if Gigabyte expanded on and more clearly explained what these LEDs mean so that we don't grope around in the dark looking for their meaning. Anyway, dead motherboard is now back at the distributor awaiting a replacement from Gigabyte.

    I love the GA-EP45-DQ6 board for desktop and server applications. I'll likely end up with ten to twenty of them (or their offspring). (They also make great PC OSX boards).

    In particular the diagnostic LEDs are very nice once you get what they mean. Very helpful while building the board. I have another board, an Asus P5K Deluxe, that also looks dead and it doesn't give any indications as to why.

    The power switch that is on the GA-EP45-DQ6 is also awesome since it saves having to connect the case front panel to the board. This allows you to build the computer and test it BEFORE even putting it into a case, something that seems to be important especially when motherboards can arrive bad before you even plug them in.

    It would likely be much cheaper for Gigabyte if they improved their quality control and caught these motherboard problems before the motherboard leaves the factory!
  4. There's a GREAT Gigabyte forum over at:

    They have a factory rep there, & I think it might be wothwhile to repost this there - maybe it'll get somewhere to give Gb a clue...
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