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Alright, so the other day I went back to Vista after several things gone wrong with XP and the fact that more stuff is available on Vista (tri-sli, and alot more

features & DX10...) So on XP I had my 8800 GT at 650,1625,950 and 65% fans. In Crysis I would hit 65 C and that was it, and Idle at 45 C-ish. Now I idle at 50 C

and with the same OC I hit 75 C within a few minutes of Crysis. I'm currently not OC'd and Idle at 50 C and hit 65 C even in games like CS:S. Not to mention my

monitor just flashed black and gave me 4 display DLL errors after Vista just updated my display driver. Is it possible this is from the increase in ambient room

temps since the temps have hit summer time?... (mid 80's for a week now). Also could it be the north bridge fan on my XFX 780i?(It blows air right onto GFX card.)

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. dx10 crysis will work ur 8800gt more. problem solved. summer increases ambient temp and thats not helping it at all. plus, u are overclocking which isnt good for 8800gt because its temps are high as it is. my 8800gt hits 81C max so far and it hasnt crashed or anything, its at stock. try playing crysis in dx9 mode since 8800gt cant handle very high at high resolutions, it looks the same and will help keep ur card cooler.
  2. The point is it's not just Crysis, it's every game, even idle temps. I changed out the cheap thermal tape for Arctic Silver and temps dropped a few but still, that still doesn't show why i could OC by 50 mhz core, and mem, and 125 mhz in shaders and get the same temps I have now.
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