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I have old comp with Intel Pentium 4 630 Prescott 3.0GHz and i want to upgrade it using some motherboard with p35/p45 chipset ( some boards support it) . Is it possible ?
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  1. Yes it does, i bought an abit IP35-E and popped my P4 631 right in there, worked like a charm. If you're looking at a specific board go to the mobo maker's website and look up the boards cpu compatibility list
  2. Is the case a standard ATX case?
    Can you install a standard ATX PSU?
    Go to newegg.com and look at ATX cases to see what they look like.
  3. you need to change the mobo and cpu

    get a p5k wifi used for $100 or less and asus warranties anything
  4. Your P4-630 CPU will not run any faster in a new P35/P45 mobo. What do you wish to accomplish by changing?
  5. Same as i did, first change the mobo and when you have more money get a new cpu, thank you intel!
  6. geofelt said:
    Your P4-630 CPU will not run any faster in a new P35/P45 mobo. What do you wish to accomplish by changing?

    You're right and wrong,one would benifit from increased bandwith as well as a better chipset and an open upgrade including crossfire, A computer is more then just a CPU, tho can be a bottle neck.

    Now back to the question at hand, A p35 would be great. I can help you with any question or inquiries. I do consulting for a living. If you just want to list the details of your current rig if can give you some points of how to maximize current and future power and ugrade paths that will save you money. This offer is also open to anyone.

  7. geofelt said:
    Your P4-630 CPU will not run any faster in a new P35/P45 mobo. What do you wish to accomplish by changing?

    Yes I know that my CPU wont run faster but I don't have another option to upgrade my PC ( unless changing all components :( ).

    and my pc: MOBO: MSI 925XE Neo Platinum, PSU: 350W KME, HDD: 160 GB Maxtor, VGA: RAD X600 Pro 256, RAM: 2 x 512MB 533, CPU: P4 3.0 Ghz 630.
  8. It is not an upgrade, unless you improve something. If you want faster, just changing a mobo won't do it. If your mobo is failing, or unstable, then it is worth changing. If you have money in your pocket, burning a hole, then resist the urge until you can spend it on something worthwhile. Put it in the bank, and earn some(miserable) interest. Prices for electronics go down, not up, so you can get a better/cheaper part later. Just my 2 cents.
  9. A computer is only as fast as its slowest bottleneck. Have you found your slowest bottleneck? I'm thinking it might be your GPU.

    Geofelt: How do you go about running the two Samsung 275t's, I was thinking of running two of them side by side.
  10. @vertigon:
    No problem. Just plug each one into it's port. The 8800GTS and other medium and high end cards support dual dvi. You can't yet use sli. In the Nvidia control panel select dualview.
  11. Thanks geofelt, what I meant was do you feel you finding yourself turning your neck about all the time to span the width of both monitors, or isnt that a problem, thanks for the reply.
  12. I don't find it to be a problem. A game will be on one monitor only, so your focus is just on one monitor. I bought the 275T because I wanted the larger pixel size when viewing the mice type on some web pages. A normal 24" pair of monitors will have a slightly narrower view. I think having two monitors is wonderful.
  13. Thanks geofelt, I've always used two monitors, I think they're great for everything especially apps with lots of toolbars etc. I was however considering a larger 2560x1600 30" monitor even though it's twice the price and less real estate, I can't decide really. Did you have to set the 275t's a fair distance back to view everything and have you got them set at max res?
  14. I actually used a 30" samsung 305T for a while. There is lots to recommend it. I had some trouble with reading small web paqe text so I gave it to my son in lieu of the bigger pixel size of the 275T's. It was great for games, though, you had a much wider view. Actually, it has about the same display acerage as two 24" monitors. 2560x1600 is about 4 megapixels. 1920x1200 is 2.3 megapixels. It was easy to hold two full web pages side by side. The 8800GTS-512 drove it and a 24" side monitor without a problem. You always want to run at native resolution to get the best quality. My head is about 20" from the 27" monitors most of the time. You need good ones, with a 178 degree viewing angle so that the display does not look washed out. If someone made a 2540x1600 monitor with a larger pixel size I would buy one in a heartbeat. It would need to be about 36".
  15. Thanks again geofelt, I think the two samsung's you chose were the best choice, I've noticed dell has some new releases including a 30" with great connectivity. I might wait a couple more weeks and read some reviews. The viewsonic VP2650wb also seem to spec well despite the TN panel. Gee why couldn't I have been born in 2387? The I could have my 100" for $80 with everything else I wanted too.
    I have a feeling I'II end up going with 2x 275T's
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