What motherboard should I use?

Hey guys and gals. I'm doing my first build and have learned loads of knowledge in the last week from doing research and stuff. I need help with what motherboard to use with the other components I have picked out. I was originally going to use a ati hd4850 but chose too switch to a nvidia 9800 gtx because I prefer intel processors. Below is the list of items I hope to buy but I don't know whats the right mobo to use with this stuff. suggestions very much needed!







I'm going to be gaming and hopefully adding another video card later on so sli is needed.
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  1. You know that intel processors work with both nVidia graphics cards and ati graphics cards. You can find a motherboard that runs an intel chip (the E8500 in your list) and either of those GPU companies.

    I would still recommend the 4850, but you make the choice you'd like.

    The list looks fine - I'd get the E8400 over the E8500 (save some cash - you only get an extra 0.5 multiplier with the E8500).

    If you are sticking with nVidia, and plan on going SLI, get the 780i or 790i (though all of these require DDR3 - I'd recommend against this option).

    If you are getting just one GPU (either ati or nvidia), then get the P35/P45.

    If you are getting an ati card (or 2) or plan on getting another in the future, get an X38/X48.

    At this time, I'd recommend the Intel/Ati route. It's just a better performance per $$$ ratio right now.
  2. Depending on your price constraints and wither you plan on using Cf or not...

    GIGABYTE GA-P35-S3G $74.99
    Good for a single GPU system.

    ASUS P5Q-E $159.99
    Excellent platform that is good for a current Cf setup.

    GIGABYTE GA-X48-DS4 $224.99
    Good platform that is best suited for current and future Cf setups.

    Despite a single early review showing poor scaling with the P45's PCIe 2.0 8x 8x CrossFire, that appears not to be the case. More current reviews show no difference between Cf on a x38/48 system and a P45 system using 4870's. With this in mind, a P45 Mb will be ideally suited to today's market.

    Even so, the extra bandwidth of a x38/48 based system may become important with the next generation of GPU's. If you plan on keeping this system for a long period of time and plan on keeping a current Cf solution, this option will be your best choice.

    A P35 based system is still an excellent choice for a budget system. The single 16x PCIe 1.1 slot offers more than enough bandwidth for all current single card solutions. The chipset is also an able overclocker that can easily match the newer ones.


    I just saw that you decided to use an nVidia GPU because of your preference of Intel CPU's.
    This is an incorrect assumption as Intel's chipsets are better suited to ATI's GPU's than nVidia's.
    With the choice between a 4850 and a 9800GTX+, I can easily recomend the 4850.
    Much better card.
  3. thanks for the input. I was unsure if rival companies chips work together well. good to know.
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