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I just recently completed the build of my new computer. It contains a Quad Core Intel, 8gigs of DDR2, 9800GX2, and Vista 64 bit edition.

So far Ive only ran into one problem. On two separate occasions I played Crysis and Team Fortress 2, both crashed out to a bluescreen. I have the dumps and the logs but I cant get the exact readout of the blue screen till the next time it occurs.

Now the weird thing is, when TF2 crashed, it crashed within 5-10 minutes of starting, then it ran fine for an hour. Crysis crashed within 20 minutes of gameplay. Both blue screens looked very similar and it looked like a Nvidia file caused a fault. Now the question is rather this is a overheating issue or a driver issue. Both games crashed when there was alot of action on screen. No artifacting occurred though. Both screens just froze, the sound stuttered on the same sound, and it finally the screen went black and then to the blue screen where it dumped and restarted.

My gut says its a driver issue but my mind is saying temperature. I grabbed EVGA prcecision to see my temperatures and both cores were about 55C on idle and this was at about 25% fan speed, when I force 100% fan it idles at around 43C. Any ideas?
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  1. update your drivers to latest, if latest is a beta, I'd recommend that. Try running memtest86+ to make sure it's not a ram problem. your temps look good, make sure you have at least 1 intake and at least 1 out take fan for your case. hopefully all your cables aren't obstructing your airflow (its worth the extra 30mins to do the cabling right). try raising fan speed to 40-50% while you game and see if it crashes again.
  2. those temps seem fine, once, on accident I had my fan set at 75% and I was playing COD4 for about 2 hours, then I started to get artifacts, so I looked in the top right of my screen and saw both my GPU's near 100C! So I quickly set the fan speed to 100%. My point is, I don't believe temperature will make you crash, most likely u will see artifacts before that happens. Try a different driver and see if that helps, also do the usual HDD defrag and make sure your Motherboard has an updated Bios, I have heard that some mobos have had problems identifying the GX2 properly without a bios update. Goodluck
  3. I have barely any cabling in this machine so I don't think airflow is an issue. I also work in the basement which is around 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit so its pulling in cool air. My next step was to check the RAM to make sure that wasn't an issue either. I also have an Antec Powersupply, I don't know the exact model off hand but its 850watts and can supply enough power. Ill check out the beta drivers.

    Also, for the Windows Experience Rating, is this videocard too new? Windows gives me 5.9 across the board but it only gives a 1.0 for videocard. I know the card doesn't suck but I figure Windows doesn't know what the heck is yet.
  4. Don't trust Windows Exp Rating, its been torturing me for a while:D.

    Your card's temps seem to be fine, as for the BSOD, it can be from your ram being under powered. Check the ram sticks and see what voltage they are supposed to be running at and manual change it to that.

    Are your ram sticks all the same?

    Either way see if your CPU is oced:D
  5. The RAM is all the same, Ill be testing it later on tonight. As for my CPU, I don't overclock any of my hardware, and I was so glad when I put on the heatsink, which would be impossible to get off, that the temperature was idling at 21C because thats always been my weakness when I build a computer.
  6. My 8800GT gets 5.9 on the Exp Rating, yours should be 5.9 too, since 5.9 is the max. Anyways, it's an error, it's not a very good benchmark BTW. Make sure your PSU has the required amps to run your 9800GX2.
  7. Good idle temp, my computer idles at 24C after running Prime95. I let it cool down after hitting 55C load temp for like 15 minutes, it won't get any lower.
  8. The power supply I have is on the supported Nvidia website.

    Antec Quattro TPQ-850

    I ran the memory test for about 10minutes, in my experience the errors come up pretty fast, I got nothing so far. But ill do a full test later tonight.
  9. Nvidia has a bad track record with Vista drivers let alone vista64 drivers.

    If you have the latest drivers, give a try to the last driver before it. 169.25 i think. They may have broke something.
  10. How bout my temps :/
    Just updated my pc to:
    Intel C2Q Q9550 @ 2.83ghz
    4gigs ddrII/800
    evga 9800 gx2
    evga nforce 780i Sli
    and psu I hav is corsair 650tx

    idle temps at ~72-73*C
    and fan is 57% auto
    factory clocks too
  11. I have the same problem as dunezone have s;
    When i have 100 % fan speed the normal temperature is on 75C :o
    when i play a game it goes for like 100 - 125. when it comes to just about 125C it make's the blue screen or any other color. it comes everytime i play a high graphic game. and higher graphic means a hotter graphic card. i dont know what's wrong s; i suggested that i could open my graphic card and clean it or something but my father says that it would be like throwing it out of the window :/ is that a good thing to do ( to open my craphiccard case somehow )?

    Geforce 9800 gx2
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual core processor 6400+
    ASUS M4N72-E
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