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realised I've never posted this here before, but it's been around for several years now:
this is my site dedicated to XP optimisation and setup:


there's also a number of guides there for partitioning, OS memory guides, and the like.

Hope it's useful to you-
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  1. after 2014 it maybe well known, maybe as much as Tom's Forums
  2. Wasn't the world going to end in 2013? If so, I look forward to having th most popular site in our post-apocalyptic paradise!
  3. If you read the fine print in all the doomsday soothsayer stuff, the planetary alignment only harkens a great change, Hollywood(working on the fear factor, gave us the end of the earth) never thought that it could be the end of political corruption(good laugh), or we would change into asterial beings and travel the universe learning all there is, or, or or
  4. Yes, you are correct- though I have no idea what you said.
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