RV770 has 40 TMU and 800SP?

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  1. Yes, and doesn't it sound good? Of course, we'll find out the truth of the matter soon, when the cards actually come out and real benches are published. But so far, by the way things seem to be, my credit card is itching to be used.
  2. Hahah. My system is ready, I am just waiting for these cards to launch. What is a kick in the pants is that it sounds like they will release them at price x for a month or so and then drop them pretty quickly. I will most likely just pay the opening day price because there is no way that I can wait another month after they pop up. My GPU-less case is itching for a 4870. :pt1cable:
  3. I think it's a question of separate domains clocks.

    Why does 40 TMUs make more sense?

    Neither 800SPUs nor 40 TMUs make sense from an architectural point of view unless they've greatly changed their designs.

    But changing the frequencies of the SPUs does make more sense. Think of what people would've thought of the G80 had they known it 'only 575Mhz' yet have a fillrate of something that would require 512SPUs at that speed, instead of course of a co-issuing 128SPU core running at a 'shader freq of 1350Mhz'.

    But what makes even more sense is someone getting it wrong. In that Xtremesystems review they get 19.8 GT/s in 3Dmk06 not 24, and now guess what that calculates closer to. :whistle:
  4. 32 tmus right?

    I think there are 800 SP and 32 tmus

    I don't know the math at all but I read some posts in other forums on this and I think it is 800 SP
  5. Yep 32 TMUs with the traditional design.

    Now they could've also changed the Addressing/Filtering ratios if that is a correct 'PR' tex fillrate number, but it's not reflected in that 3DMK06 result at Extreme systems, which would make me believe 32TMUs.

    As for the SPUs I still think 800 is an asymmetric number so unlikely, I still think 480 with some slight differences in either the composition of the SPUs or in their clocking. I have a feeling we're going to see a re-organization of composition of the SPUs to aide efficiency.

    BTW, 19.6GT/s was the textel fillrate of the GF8800Ultra running @ 612Mhz with 32TMUs (FYI R600 was ~ 12 GT/s).

    Come to think of it, I'm thinking that the FX guys put the RV770XT/HD4870 fillrate number in it's place on their site and that's what Nordic is calculating from, because guess what the fillrate is when the speed is 750Mhz (the expected XT/4870 launch speed). This guessing may be getting easier. :sol:
  6. AMD or the reseller is proposing 24 billion texel per second. The math doesn't add up I know when you consider 625mhz frequency. It comes to something like 38.5 tmu.
  7. Yeah, I edited while you were posting, look at what you do get though when the speed is that of the HD4870 though running at 750Mhz. :hello:
  8. I guess that must be it. it equals out.
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