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Coming back for some more help...
I have a couple of pc and notebook components laying around and decided I could maybe do something with them. I was thinking of an htpc with some gaming capabilities for as cheap as possible. Most components are from 2001 or a little bit newer
So here goes what I currently have:
Sound blaster live! (model:ct4760) sound card
ATI 9600PRO -256MB
ATI 9550XL - 256MB
Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2.2Ghz
a logysis? psu of 450W i think not sure (DC =>330W = total power, 480W = max output)
I also got an ethernet card and a 56k modem, but the mobos bring those now so....

Ok, I was thinking that I had to add a mobo that supports crossfire (if i can crossfire with those 2 gpus) ~ $90, HDD ~ $100, DVD burner ~ $30, tv tuner~$50, case~$30, RAM~$90.

I'm aware that I might need to change some things (psu, sound card) if its absolutely necessary.
I might also see if I can build that hd projector with the overhead one so that might be the new tv screen. I haven't really checked for anything specific yet but those prices are about as much as I'm willing to pay for them. So a budget of about $400 or less for all.
So what do you guys think? What should I change? What should I add? What brands do you recommend?
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  1. you can't crossfire those..those are AGP afaik..and nothing uses AGP nowadays, you'll have to buy a new old stock motherboard or a used one. Plus ddr1 which you'd be using on an older board cost 2x what ddr2 costs.

    I was gonna buy another gig of ddr1, but it was 40 bucks, and ddr2 was 2 for 35, so I decided to upgrade everything.

    Since the parts you need are old, it would cost you more and you'd have a slower system than if you just purchased a current motherboard and chip.
  2. To crossfire, you need either a.) 2 PCI-e cards of the same make preferably, they need to be listed as crossfire capable btw.

    b.) a newer board that supports hybrid crossfire (ati) or hybrid sli (Nvidia), it uses the onboard chip and a lower level radeon or geforce OR:

    c. An older crossfire MASTER card and a crossfire SLAVE card..this is the crappiest way of all to go and would not be worth the cost and hassle; for the cheapest way out if you want to go with a HTPC, just buy a new motherboard and a nice video card like an ati 3450 or nvidia 8600.

    You'll have a cooler pc and less hassle using one good newer card vs 2 older cards; also a lot of the older crossfire stuff (master and slave days...x1 series...had driver hassles)
  3. :ouch:
    Well it'll probly be better to build a gaming pc(since I need one and I'm going to anyways) and use it as a htpc as well. I wont spend as much and I'll be able to game in the bedroom on a big screen...Opinions?
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