Slave drive restoring old files?

ok i just put one of my hard drves on slave and it brought up saved files now i didnt back it up or nothin but the files are here, now i have another drive but i already have it as C, is there any way possible to put that on slave and old files pop up?
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  1. First, terminology: the terms Master and Slave only exist on an IDE (aka PATA) port and ribbon cable. In those systems that allow two devices on one port, each drive has to have a separate identifier, so they can be set with jumpers to be either Master or Slave.

    When it comes to which drive in your system is the boot drive called C:, and which other drives have which names, that has nothing to do with the Master and Slave system.

    If I understand your post, you have a system with one drive called C:, and it boots from that drive and runs an Operating System, possibly Windows. Then you added a second drive that has data files from previous use on it, and your system can see those files. For example, if you open My Computer both drives show up with their own names (C: and E:, probably, if there is an optical drive called D:) and with their own folders and files. From here I'm not sure what your question is.

    If you only want to use the files on the second drive (I assume E:) and leave them there, you can do that without moving anything. Any application (Word, Notepad, whatever) can find any legitimate file in your system - if it shows up in My Computer, you can Open it in your application simply by going to the correct location on the E: drive.

    If you want all of your old files on E: moved to the C: drive so you can use them there, then a Copy operation is needed. You may need to create some properly-named folders on your C: drive to put them in. But one of the simplest ways is to Copy a Folder from the Root Directory of E: to someplace (maybe in the Root Directory, maybe not) on C:, and all of the files in that folder will come with it. If you do all this as Copy operations, the original files still will also be on the E: drive as a sort of back-up in case you discover that something did not get copied.

    Later, if you've copied all those files off of E: and decide you need nothing from that old drive, you can just format that drive to empty it out completely and start using it as a new data storage device. Or you can physically remove it form your system for use elsewhere.
  2. ok so let me see if i can put this another i have 2 hard drives one is already in use(master IDE) the other im using as slave. now the hard disk i put on slave IDE has the old files, is it possible if i put the hard disk thats on master IDE on the slave IDE will i be able to get to old files? but then i already installed and put files on the master hard disk
  3. No offense, but find someone who speaks/writes English better. I can't figure out what your asking.
  4. it's ok ;(
  5. If you have two hard drives on an IDE channel - one Master, one Slave - you should be able to see all the files on each drive. If you go into My Computer, both drives should be there with their own separate names, like C: and E: (I'm assuming D: is an optical drive). There is no easy way to make My Computer show you all those files on two drives as if they all were on one drive. And certainly switching cables and jumpers will not do that.

    The easiest way to make sure all the files show up as if they were on one drive is to make that real. Copy all the files from E: to C:, along with the directory folders they belong to. Then C: will contain everything. Now, that leaves possible confusion because you will still have copies of many files in two places and you will need to keep those sorted out in your head. That is why I suggested you leave it that way only for a short time, then eventually get rid of all the older file versions on E: and use only the ones on C:.

    All this, though, presumes you want to have all your files in one drive because you seem to have difficulty gaining access to files on two drives. If you would be happy to have them on two drives but just cannot figure out how to use them when they are separated, let us know. Maybe the problem is you are not familiar with finding files in different places.
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