Is AMD Overdrive Benchmark of 10,245 good?


I just set up an AMD Phenom II 720 BE on my Asus 790 GX MB and scored 10,245 on the AMD Overdrive Benchmark. Is that any good?

I am running at about 3.6 (17.5 x 206 @ 1.5 v). Anything higher than that blue screens on me.
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  1. I would say that pretty decent. What GPU are you using? I have the phenom 9950 @ 3.0GHz on the asus 790 GX mobo with the HD 4870 and i only get around 8850 on the benchmark.
  2. Hi dread,

    I just have an 8800 GT.

    Here is the weird part though. It seems the highest stabel overclock I can get on this is about 3.6 on air. Now that is pretty sweet, but I have seen many others "claiming" online that they are easily stable at 3.8. Either they are lying or I've got a bum chip here because anything above 3.6 is BSOD time. I have a real nice air cooler on there too and temps are staying low.

    Also, I can ONLY overclock it using AMD OverDrive. Any attempt to oc using Bios beyong maybe 3.35 ghz won't even boot. Have no idea what the problem is.

    One interesting thing is that with my 6600 + I could never get above 78 FPS in the opening scene for 3DMark06 Benchmark. With this bad boy and the same GPU settings, I was cranking 98 FPS in the same scene. Almost a 25% increase from a new CPU? THAT surprised me as I didn;t think the CPU was that big of a deal compared to the GPU in 3DMark06.

    I would say that my Desktop experience is better than with the 6000+ although not dramatically so. Programs do open faster on startup. It really is hard to tell a the rig ran office stuff pretty fast under the 6000+.

    I honestly didn't NEED this new chip - it was just tech lust I think.
  3. LOL, "Tech Lust" We all have it my friend.
  4. Well, the score is ok, but the phenom II chips are easily overclockable yes. I am sitting on a 4.1 GHz OC , 1.4 V X2 555 BE though and runs like a baby... to be honest I haven't bothered even seeing how far it can go, I am happy with this as I use this computer 24/7 and have yet to have instability issues really :D

    Temps.. normal usage (gaming, programming, compiling, virtual machines , etc.) ~ 45 .. prime95 for a bunch of time :p max. 48-49. (this is winter time however)

    Humms like a silent bee too, no extra case fans needed. Just use one of the bets air HS with it's good fan.

    toodles. Ah, and I getaround the same score as you with no gfx card as this is just a X2 555 :)
  5. I am running an AMD 965 125w and get a benchmark about 9300 while overclocked to 3.88Ghz and it seems to fly. I can get a higher benchmark, but have stability problems. So in conclusion, I would say that you have a very good benchmark.
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