Installation HELP!!!!

:( Im Trying to install windows xp on my Sahara Imagebook 10wcs.
Currently its running Linux Linpus and ive sucessfully made a bootable usb stick but once i press F8 to agree Licence agreement an error message comes up saying: No previous version of windows nt can be found on your computer Setup cannot verify that you qualify for the upgrade
Press: F3 To Quit
well, as far as i know i own a full version of windows xp not just the "Upgrade"
and this has worked already on other pc's of mine (which didnt run windows 2000/NT)
so im stumped :pfff:
Please Help.
Thanx. ;)
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  1. you need a full installation disk not a upgrade disk, it doesn't have a version of windows on it at the moment, correct,
  2. but it is the full installation disk, thats what i dont understand :(
  3. well the disk thinks it's a upgrade disk,
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