Help me pick up new parts for my system!

So either my motherboard or PSU are being ****ty and I am going for a PC overhaul. (Have an oldish pc anyway)

I already have the HDD, CD/DVD and Graphics card 8800 GTS 512 (also monitor,headset)

I need the following

- Motherboard
- Memory

My budget is $500. I really am looking forward to playing starcraft 2, diablo 3, and thinking of getting world in conflict.

I thought of


I just need a good reliable mobo and RAM. If budgets permit I may grab an aftermarket cooler for the CPU for OC, but if not it's fine. Also, for those titles (and mmorpgs, and Company of heroes) would that E8400 be good or would I see a bigger increase in performance with a Q6600?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions
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  1. First of all your psu link dont work but i found it ;)

    Nice choice of cpu and psu. For motherboard i would suggest something like that . You would only have 1 pci-e 16x slot but if you are looking for something cheap and you won't sli or crossfire get this mobo. You could even lower that power supply to 650 watts.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: I forgot about RAM... For the mail in rebates and 4-4-4-12 timings this one is a steal
  2. Yeah I will not SLI. That mobo looks tight, I thought of it before. Any suggestions about RAM?
  3. yes look my edit

    It's 468$ if you use mail in rebates and this is the best you can do with your budget.
  4. By the way does anyone know the size of that PSU?

    I have a mid tower (Antec Super Lanboy)

    Right now a little bigger motherboard fits in (MSI K8N neo4 platinum) and the Enermax Liberty 500W. Little worried it won't fit :(

    Hey Georgy I was looking at this what do you think?
  5. You can also chose this one but timings are 5-5-5-15. I don't know if it really matters but for my own build i looked for 4-4-4-12 timings and chose the corsair ram. Perhaps someone else can advise you on what to chose.
  6. So I have been reading that this motherboard has a few troubles when OC'ing with some bios, etc, and I really don't have another c2d laying around to flash it if that's the case.

    Can anyone recommend another solid motherboard for the E8400?

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