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Ok first things first I am building a monster rig right now that will be my multimedia powerhouse. It will be my uber gaming rig, my home theater center, my recording studio and etc. So obviously I am going to pay a pretty penny for this thing. At its core is the Gigabye EX-58-UD5 and an overclocked Core i7. At some point I plan water cooling etc.

The storage portion of this beast is just as ridiculous as the rest. I will be triple booting three main OS: Windows 7 x64, OS X (purchased Leopard a year ago for my hackbook and now Snow Leopard yesterday for this rig), and some form of Linux. Each OS will have its own dedicated drive, a 500GB Western Digital Caviar Black (x3). Additionally there are two 1 TB Western Digital Black drives for general storage and backup that will sync the home folders between the OSes. Recently however I have considered the addition of a solid state drive to the mix, but I do have reservations. It is my understanding the SSD performance degrades over time by nature and also eventually become unusable after a certain amount of writes. Because of this I am wary to use it as an OS disk (indexing in Windows, plus I reformat every 3-4 months to keep it clean) but I am primarily interested in them for their a)Boot Time (but like I said I am wary for an OS use) and b)Multimedia Streaming and Gaming.

Now this may seem like an odd question but say I intend its use for streaming HD videos and the drive for my video game installs. Storing the HD files is not a problem but given my reformat habits, is there a way to keep the games installed on the SSD after a reformat without reinstalling them (and thus avoiding additional writes)? I know I could just leave the files there and reformat, but the OS reinstall would break registry links and the like (perhaps a registry backup and then restore post-install?)

Perhaps I am over thinking this, but I am curious. I don't know too much about SSD's but I do know that they are extremely fast in comparison to disk based HDD's and I'd like to reap the benefits. Thanks for the help!
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  1. A registry restore would work, but only if you made sure the values accurately reflect where your data is stored. I would honestly go through the trouble of reinstalling everything, if just to save yourself from any trouble in the long-term.
  2. One of the benefits of the reinstall the OS is clearing up the registry of extraneous entries. A restore would negate that.
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