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Ok, I think I made a complete noob error...

I bought 2 new hdds to put into a raid 0 array on my i7 920 system. I installed the hardware then booted to see if the drives had any errors. They were fine. I then went to create my raid 0 array, but had a bsod when I switched to raid mode. After reading further, it looks like I can't enable raid mode with windows already installed.

I thought that I would be ok because I do not want to put windows on my array. I want to keep it on the hdd that it's on, and just put the 2 new hdds in raid 0. I'm not opposed to reinstalling windows, but I think I would like to avoid being that I will upgrade to windows 7 in october.
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  1. Just to be clear, your Windows is running on another hard disk, separate from your two new ones? What was the message that indicated that you can't enable raid mode?
  2. I currently have 3 WD Caviar black 640gb. One is running the os while the other two will be put into raid 0.

    After doing some research, I've found that I cannot switch my ich10r to raid mode because I installed windows when it was in IDE mode. When I change my ich10r to raid mode, windows will not boot which I have read to be normal. I've read a few things about editing the registry so that windows will automatically install the necessary drivers to enable raid mode. I'm a little stand-off-ish about doing this because I haven't found anyone who has done it with windows vista 64bit.

    I found this on the microsoft website

    I'm not sure, but aren't the ahci and raid drivers one in the same, or linked in some way. My plan is to follow the steps here on the microsoft website to enable ahci mode, then allow the proper drivers to download, then try and switch to raid mode.

    Let me know what you think, or if you have a better/full proof method.

  3. This is the solution i have been looking for for a few days now but im running windows XP 32. I have a similar setup as you
    60gb for my OS
    120gb raptor for games
    250 for storage

    and adding the RAID 0 with 2 new 500gb drives for video recording. All i need to verify is if this fix works with windows XP or not.
  4. Install drivers then switch to RAID mode.
  5. if it were only that simple
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