Lan / Wlan Diagnostic utilities for win2k and 98?

Can someone recommend some good diagnostic utility software for debugging lan and wlan problems? I have an internal lan setup for
sharing files and etc in my home. I have had limited success with that.
Sometimes computer can't be found. Passwords get set and cause problems.

Now I setup a wlan and am having real problems. I was able to transfer files
between computers once. Don't remember what I did but now can even find
other computers on the lan.

I should mention that all the computers can get on the internet via internet sharing. So I don't think it's a nic problem.

Is there something really good free utilities out there that can show all the nodes in my system and give me a clue?

Any help will be appreciated. This is my first post.
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  1. Hi again. Just perusing your forums has helped me a lot. I found out that the protocol netbeui would be better to work home networks. And it did help a lot for the wired lan.
    Still not finding computers through wifi though. I think my problem might be connected to the accesspoint that I'm using.
    I have a belkin wireless router and I'm using it in accesspoint mode.
    This is working fantastic as far as internet sharing goes but even with
    netbeui active I still can't do anything with network neighborhood.

    The router is a belkin F5D6231-4

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