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Some background. My previous PC had 2 HDs to it. One of it was a SATA that was main, and an IDE that was used as a secondary HD.

In my new PC, I'm using an Asrock Extreme X58. I bought a new 1TB HD, and installed WIndow 7 on it.

For some reason, my previous 2 older drives aren't showing up in the bios screen.

Any help?

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  1. What is your motherboard? Some of them can't support SATA and IDE connections at the same time, giving preference to the former.
  2. Asrock x58 extreme.
  3. Two things to check.
    1. In your manual, p. 65-66, I'm sure you have you SATA ports set up. But how about your IDE port? Make sure it is set to AUTO for both the Primary and Secondary IDE devices.

    2. Check jumper settings on the IDE drives. The one on the far end of the cable should be jumpered to be the Master, and the middle one should be the Slave. Or, BOTH can be set to "CS" for Cable Select. Some drives make a difference between "Master alone" and "Master with Slave Present", so choose the correct one if necessary. An IDE channel MUST have a Master to be used, and any second device on the cable then MUST be the Slave.
  4. IDE is set to master and is connected to the end of the IDE cable. Everything is set to auto, but nothing's showing up =(
  5. Since Intel has no IDE(on there current chipsets) and they had to use a 3rd party IDE controller, it may not show in the bios. Does windows see this drive?

    For the SATA drive, try a different sata port or cable. Something may be not connected right.
  6. I'm a bit stumped. And re-reading, if I understand, you have a new computer with a 1TB drive that has Win 7 installed on it and working as your OS. Then you moved a SATA and an IDE drive from your older system to the new one, and BOTH of them do not show up in the BIOS? That is weird! I'd think of a poor cable, but not two! You must already have the SATA II set to Enhanced - you have a 1 TB drive running! But yet below that, (See manual p. 65) the other two drives just are not detected, neither on another SATA port nor as the IDE Master?

    Any chance there's a problem with the power supply lines to those drives?
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