Will Nehalem kill OCing?

How do you overclock with out a Front Side Bus? Beside more voltage.

Will Nehalem kill OCing?
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  1. That's the rumor, lol... :na:

    Well, according to this article, "Those who are accustomed to overclocking their motherboards using the FSB, will have to start over and learn the new system."

    In any case, don't expect the +50% set-and-go oc you get with current generation. That era has come and gone. :p
  2. its like amd now - same deal

    you have to hyper extend the hyper majiggy

    time to get the old mobo crystal oc skills back into shape!
  3. And I just learned how to OC computer parts a few months ago and they change it for me, lol figures. I have to relearn everything for Nahalem (no this is not a real complaint, I just find this funny for me)

    On a more constructive matter it looks like the multiplier is quite high, any ideas on how well this will help us in our new overclocks if at all? And does anyone know the basic principle of how your suppose to overclock these new cpu's, since I didn't really understand what they mentioned in the article.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the CPU frequency is a multiple of some base Quickpath frequency, so if you can increase the Quickpath frequency, you should increase the clockspeed of the CPU and also the memory frequency and bandwidth. I think this will actually simplify the overclocking procedure somewhat, though it's tough to say before seeing it in action.
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