I just purchased the WD passport for my laptop, intending on using it to store videos/music, ect. I used the sync to back everything up. Now my question is, should I delete everything from the sync and just start copy/pasting my files directly onto the drive? Is that something i can even do? Or do I need some sort of software. The problem is, I purhased the hard drive because i don't have enough space on my laptop for the files. I want to use it as a large flash drive. Any suggestions?.
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  1. Once you have the files transfered onto your WD drive you can delete the ones on your laptop that you don't want on there. You can copy any of your music and data files across you don't need to sync them. Just select the the files and or folders, select copy and then paste to the new destinatiom.
    However it would be a good idea for you to backup to cd/dvd's first before deleting anything you value and don't want to loose.
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