low profile graphic card for HP slimline PC

Hi all

I have an HP Slimline PC s3020.sc where I no longer recieve a videosignal for my screen. I tried changing to another screen even using a different cable.

It didnt work and so I suppose the gfx needs to be replaced.

Which quiet gfx cards can you reccomend. The important part is as quiet as possible.

As i have have read in different forums the PSU is 180w limiting the power usage of the gfx to 25watts or less as recommended by HP.

What are my options for a quiet gfx. I dont use it for gaming. as I read the specs it should be a PCI-E 16x low profile

any suggestions?


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  1. Check out this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7600 if you scroll down you will see comparison chart to give you a idea, hope it helps
  2. Thx, but its not the watt issue I'm mostly worried about. I need help to find a gfx that makes very little noise.
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