Mini-ITX based gaming + autoCAD system

So I'm rebuilding my PC, and i want it to be small quiet and powerfull.

I found this mobo by portwell. I was wondering if anyone had any opinion on portwell boards in general. Seems amazing for its size. Cost is $349 USD.
PEP-7607VG2AR Q35

It will be paired with a Nvidia 8800 GT, Intel E2180, hannsG 28" lcd, logitech G15, razor copperhead, and 3 500GB WD HDD's that i have on hand. Once quad core prices drop some more i will upgrade the cpu too.

I'm more or less afraid that this board wont perform. Even though the specs seem in line. Its a portwell not an asus, gigabyte or albatron, so i have no idea if their boards are crap or not.

Any thoughts?
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  1. that motherboard is expensive and i havent heard of that brand
    i recommend a 945gc chipset it is cheap as hell

    32.99 after rebate

    ecs is a very good brand no doubt about it
  3. i realize the price is high, but you have to consider the size of this board. the performance its boasting for its size is unmatched.

    I'm getting tired of dealing with big bulky atx computer cases, but i don't want to sacrifice performance. Just afraid the board wont get bios updates and such for improved processors ect.

    gotta be mini-itx or comparable size.
  4. ^Indeed. I have been looking for a m-ITX board for a HTPC (moded case btw, with a SSD to keep size small) but the problem is good m-ITX board is too expensive for me.

    Why not get/build a Shuttle like PC? There are shuttle KPCs that have Q6600 + 8800GTs that run fine with out being too big.
  5. I guess I like to take things to the extreme. Last computer I built was massive and had watercooling and a triple 120mm radiator in a full tower case. This time I want to cram it into as tiny a box as possible. XD
  6. I read about Intel releasing a G45 mini-ITX.

    I think with 3 HDDs, full sized graphics card and a PSU(micro PSUs wont cut it for you), you might as well go micro ATX or Shuttle (would have to cut back on HDDs probably).
  7. yea i think ill cut the HDD's either to two 3.5" drives for raid 1. or get 2 smaller 2.5" drives. the SSD's are too expensive at this point in time.

    You think the mobo will perform? Looks good on paper, but I havent been able to find any reviews or people that have bought it.
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