Q6600 G0 voltage question

I have been running a stable overclock @3GHz for 3 days and want to try for 3.2GHz. I tested 3.2GHz last night for about 15 minutes on the small prime95 test but voltages were showing 1.43.

I have voltage set to auto in the bios. My VID is 1.2500v. CPU-Z reports 1.336 @3.0GHz. So where should I start for a stable 24/7 3.2GHz overclock?

Any help is appreciated!
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  1. Manually set you voltage in BIOS so that CPU-Z continues to read around the 1.33V mark (as it is for 3.0GHz). That should still be enough for 3.2GHz. Mine is running 1.32V @3.4GHz with a similar VID.
    If it passes prime95 then reduce the volts a little and retest.
  2. Sounds good. Thanks
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